Oliver and Bean.com

Oliver and Bean is an all kids fashion and accessories brand that focuses on bringing mommy’s and daddy’s the best and most stylish (did we mention cutest) items for their little gems.

We are a proudly South African brand that designs and manufactures all our items locally – Yes we do not import from abroad like many of our competitors which helps to keep our costs low because the hefty dollar doesn’t effect our pricing, and ultimately keeps your wallet fat and happy 🙂

Oliver and Bean specialize in matching sets for infants and toddlers like gorgeous printed leggings with matching bibs, beanies, snoods or headbands. We also hand make all our own beanies, blankets and head accessories with tons of love. Each item is individually wrapped and sent with care to our little clients.

Our team is working hard like little mice to ensure that we are ready to surprise and delight you and your little ones with the cutest and trendiest of items money could buy. We plan to launch July 2016 so stay with us and be sure to get in line for the first of many adorable items to come! Oliver and Bean.com is More than Love!

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